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WindBox [ˈwɪndbøks] a module generating clean, local electricity to increase the energy autonomy of buildings.

WIND my ROOF provides mixed electricity production plants for roofs. Positioned on the edge of buildings, they benefit from accelerated winds and good exposure to the sun.

The WindBox is a compact module that occupies 4m2 and is 1.6m high.

The output varies according to the building and its environment.

A solution adapted to your needs


The wind-solar balance maintains a good level of production all year round, in winter and summer, and optimizes the use of roof space.

Energy produced by the WindBox


The WindBox was developed with the help of APAVE and CSTB, and tested under extreme climatic conditions. Its automatic safety systems ensure that it can withstand winds up to 180 km/h and -15°C.

Climate resistance of the WindBox

Made 92% in France, the WindBox has a low carbon footprint, with less than 25 g eq-CO2/kWh over 20 years (LCA study under certification)

Reducing the carbon impact with WIND my ROOF
Technical sheet

Turbine power : 1500 W
PV solar panels power : 750 Wc
Starting speed : 4 m/s
Cut-off speed : 25 m/s
Mass : 300 kg
Weights with ballasts : 700 à 900 kg 
Dimensions (LxHxP) : 2,1×1,6×2

éolienne de toiture
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