WIND my ROOF is being industrialized in Saint Nazaire with the help of SEGULA Technologies and its subsidiary SIMRA

WIND my ROOF has called on SEGULA Technologies and its subsidiary SIMRA to industrialise and assemble the first eight WindBox wind-solar modules, which will be released in February 2022. The aim is a long-term collaboration with the French engineering giant.

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From left to right: Andy, Yanis, Quentin, Laurent, Kader, Nicolas, Sébastien

SEGULA Technologies, industrial partner of WIND my ROOF

SEGULA Technologies is a global group and one of the French leaders in the field of engineering. Active in several industrial fields, they offer their expertise to innovative start-up companies via a support programme called HeXplora, of which WIND my ROOF is now part.

In our open innovation approach, we are keen to support companies and start-ups that offer effective solutions to accelerate the energy transition. We were very quickly excited by the WIND my ROOF project, which stood out for its simplicity and maturity.

Nicolas Fraisse, Technical Director of SIMRA, in charge of the partnership

Behind the scenes of the assembly of a building wind turbine

Segula Technologies has thus supported WIND my ROOF in the production of its first eight rooftop wind turbines. SIMRA’s teams are in charge of their assembly.

In a dedicated area of the Saint-Nazaire workshop, two fitter-fitter technicians follow the detailed assembly instructions for the WindBox. Initially assembled in ten hours, rationalisation efforts have reduced the assembly time to eight hours per module, or one WindBox per day. Another area is dedicated to the production of the concrete studs, which are used to hold the WindBoxes on the roofs according to the project.

For Yanis, Technical Director and co-founder, and Quentin, mechanical engineer at WIND my ROOF, this is another step in the startup’s development.

We are ready to receive large orders, as the turbines can be assembled quickly and can leave the site directly. The team is very well organised and it's great to work with the SIMRA team.

Yanis Maacha, CTO of WIND my ROOF

This first series is part of an industrialisation process with the Segula Technologies group. An assembly series of 100 modules is already being prepared in order to carry out future WIND my ROOF projects.

About WIND my ROOF

WIND my ROOF is a start-up working on the deployment of renewable energy on buildings. The company offers a roof-top wind turbine combined with solar panels: the WindBox. Installed on the roof terraces of buildings, this wind-solar module contributes to their energy autonomy.
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About SEGULA Technologies
SEGULA Technologies is a global engineering group, serving the competitiveness of all major industrial sectors: automotive, aeronautics, energy, rail, naval, life sciences and telecommunications. With a presence in more than 30 countries and 140 offices worldwide, the Group favours a close relationship with its clients thanks to the skills of its 10,000 employees. As a leading engineering company that places innovation at the heart of its strategy, SEGULA Technologies carries out large-scale projects, from research to industrialization and production.
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SIMRA is an engineering, service and production company and subsidiary of the SEGULA Technologies group dedicated to aerospace activities. Its activities include the aircraft design phase (architecture, propulsion systems, definition of sub-assemblies, etc.) and the manufacturing and integration phase of complete sub-assemblies.
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